The Open Conversations Podcast™ is a weekly personal development podcast exploring topics for a new generation of women who are redefining the meaning of living life on their own terms. Topics including lifestyle, career, relationship, business, and personal branding, as well as, expert interviews.

Nicole Williams from the Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge blog and her co-host Rodney Carter, educate and empower with the skills and confidence necessary to thrive in career, business and life. They dish out their honest, unfiltered advice and exclusive, actionable strategies for living your best life.

Our goal for this podcast is for it to feel pretty personal to you, and part of that is not editing for perfection. Because we want women—like you—everywhere, to be inspired and increase your confidence without the pressure of feeling perfect. We want you to own your imperfections unapologetically.



Interviews Coming Back Soon…

Interested in being featured on the podcast or have a favorite CEO/blogger/creative you’d like us to chat with?

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