Plot Plan Execute Life Planner

Plot Plan Execute Life Planner


Are you ready to PLOT, PLAN and EXECUTE on your dreams? Well, it’s time to plan your best life! 

I know that life can get a little hectic and don’t always go as planned. However, this 12 month planner is here to help you keep things organized  so you can thrive in your life, career or business despite what life may throw at you. The Plot Plan Execute Life Planner is the ultimate guide to getting things DONE! It is your accountability partner to be more mindful and proactive. Your commitment to becoming your best self and living your best life.

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Include 172 perpetual pages, 8.5x11 and includes:

  • Introduction

  • Self-Analysis

  • Affirmation Card

  • Quarterly SMART Goals

    • Milestones

  • Month-At-A-Glance

  • Monthly Budget Planner

  • Weekly Planner

    • The week’s objectives

    • Scheduled events

    • Deadlines

    • Task to Delegate

    • Follow-up

  • Journal Pages

  • Quarterly Review Pages