Podcast: How To Get Stuff Done Working From Home

The reality of working from home can be quite a challenge, here’s how to manage distractions and create the perfect environment to work from home.

How To Get Stuff Done Working From Home

Some may consider working from home [or remotely] to be the ideal situation. Maybe because many think working from home is the equivalent to lounging around leisurely in pajamas. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Working from home may give flexibility, but is not always ideal. 

As someone who working from home is the norm, it is certainly not an easy feat. If anything, it is a challenge to remain productive and focused with all the distractions around. If you’ve ever been on a video chat and your child all of a sudden pops in, then you know what I mean.

Having also had the experience of working in an office, I can tell you that working from home is much different than an office environment. It requires self-discipline, and you get very little to no face-to-face interactions throughout the day. Working from home is not for everyone and depends greatly on the individual.

With that said. Whether you work from home sometimes, or it is the norm, in this podcast episode I’m sharing my tips and strategies to help you be your most productive self and to help you be successful working from home.

What you’ll learn:

  • How I keep organized

  • Why it’s important to set a schedule

  • Why you’ll need a designated office area

  • How to avoid distractions

Things that help me to be my most productive and creative self:

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