Victoria Falk Invites You To Live Your Best Life Traveling

Meet the Travel Lady #traveling

Victoria Falk is living her best life traveling — not only travels for free, but get paid to do it, and all on her own terms. Victoria is the owner of Passionate Travel Inc, an award-winning, full-service travel agency for all your travel needs. She is incredibly serious about business and yet super down-to-earth. I first met Victoria at an event for Community School District 17, where we were both on the panel together, sharing wins and fails in an effort to help parents understand that they are not alone. 

I tapped Victoria for her to share with you her tips and education about travel, to let you know that accruing significant miles is not complicated. In this episode, Victoria shares her story and how traveling pulled her out of depression, became her business where she is able to live her best life. We also talk about the sacrifices, the challenges, and why you need to make travel a big part of your lifestyle.

What you’ll learn:

  • How she went from being stressed to traveling the world and building a thriving business

  • One place everyone should visit

  • A great place to rev up a relationship for couples

  • How travelers can avoid making common mistakes that might wreck their adventure

  • Why work with a travel specialist

  • Key travel must haves


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