Sonia Noel on Entrepreneurial Priorities, Drive and Resilience


Her fashion career started humbly—after putting in some time as a high school teacher, her determined spirit drove her forward, to become an exemplar and mentor to young creatives, not just in Guyana, but throughout the Caribbean region. Dr Sonia Noel, is a fabulously fearless force. From her early collections in Georgetown, she has evolved to become the quintessential Guyanese designer, who has shown in major capitals around the region, as well as the metropolises of the world: including London, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Toronto, Montreal, China, Spain and India.

But as glamorous as working in fashion may sound, the reality for Sonia is a very packed schedule. Sonia maneuvers travel, long work days, and tight deadlines, all while making time for her family (she's mom to two beautiful young ladies) and somehow a bit of self-care. Here's Sonia on entrepreneurial priorities, drive and Resilience.

From Side Hustle to Serious Business

Sonia Noel Designs. #nllmag #fashion

It took Sonia Noel a combination of navigational skills to outmaneuver hurdles, and a resilience to literally row her own boat when the waters got rough. This small-town girl with a big dream who believed it was possible, quickly became one of the more recognizable names amongst Caribbean designers. And, boast an impressive list of celebrities who have worn her designs--including Maxi Priest, Miss Universe Leila Lopez, and former Destiny's Child member, Michelle Williams. Sonia Noel Designs celebrates the designer’s Amerindian roots, marrying her indigenous South American creativity and cosmopolitan Caribbean flair, to craft a unique fashion aesthetic that is identifiably, the Sonia Noel brand. With designs that can be worn from the beach to the ballroom, Sonia Noel has been featured in numerous publications in the Caribbean and around the world.

Sonia Noel Designs. #nllmag #fashion
Sonia Noel Designs. #nllmag #fashion

In her effort to advance creative enterprise, promoting competitive-worthy fashion design and youth empowerment, Sonia Noel is also the founder of Guyana Fashion Week, The Women's Association for Sustainable Development, The women in Business Expo, Guyana Model Search, Designers Portfolio and the Sonia Noel Foundation for Creative Arts. She has been presented with many entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and ambassadorial service awards locally, regionally and even internationally. Sonia Noel is the unique hybrid of Guyanese craftsmanship, Caribbean ingenuity and an all-pervasive universal style.