Podcast: Using Consumer Mindset to Influence On-Demand Information with Sachin Narode

Photo by  Edho Pratama  on  Unsplash

Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash

Smartphones are are like our lifelines. They are never far from our fingertips and help us to discover new ideas, businesses, and opportunities. But many brands are missing opportunities. If micro-moments are the future of marketing, how do businesses and brands at all levels succeed in this micro-moment world? Why does it matter? Sachin Narode, tech entrepreneur and the CEO of the travel app Xeniapp and the cofounder of Survive & Thrive, talks with us on how technology is reshaping the way we live, work and play, and why micro moments matter.

Learn how

  • This new consumer behavior influences decisions, and what it means for brands.

  • Why organisations must adapt to this changing consumer behavior.

  • To win in this digitally-connected world.

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