Podcast: How to Pitch With Confidence in 4 Steps

If you're struggling with your pitching your value, these simply tips will help you put forward your most confident self.

Photo by    rawpixel    on    Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Positioning yourself as an expert is a really great way to raise both your own personal profile and that of your brand. But you don’t need to be a PR or marketing expert to know that looking good does not automatically open doors... Or know that it’s much easier to sell a product or service than it is to sell yourself.

As a lifestyle communications professional who has helped others craft their messages, pitch their products and brands, as well as tout my own expertise, I can tell you: pitching can be a challenge. For some pitching confidence isn't something that comes easily, but it can surely be gained. Whether you’re pitching your brand or yourself for a job, and you’re struggling with it, keep these tips in mind.

The real secret to successfully selling is to first establish confidence in yourself, do your research, give your undivided attention, and make your value as clear as possible.

I hope these tips will help you to confidently ask for a raise, to land the new customer, to land your next media coverage, or to convince investors to get behind whatever you might be selling.

If you are struggling with your message and you have hard time explaining what you do. Then get fierce clarity!

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