How to Keep Hair Healthy & Happy During the Winter Months

How to Keep Hair Healthy & Happy During the Winter Months

Powered by nature: breaking down the natural ingredients that are exactly what you hair needs and what they can do for you.

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Cold winter weather is usually not pleasant to your hair and scalp. Between the indoor heating and the harsh cold air, moisture gets zapped from your hair leaving it brittle and damaged. But it doesn’t end there! Hats and scarves made from material to insulate heat, also contribute to damage due to pulling and snagging. It is imperative that during the winter months you want to double up on nutrients, as a precaution to combat dryness and breakage.

One of my favorite remedies for dry hair is using a natural shampoo like Design Essentials Almond & Avocado collection. So switch from regular to a natural shampoo since it can strip your hair of its natural oils, taking away its natural defense against cold weather. Shampoos with natural products keep your hair healthier by retaining moisture to fight itching and dryness. 

After washing or moisturizing, use an anti-humectant to seal moisture into your hair. Recommended anti-humectant include olive oil, jojoba oil, or other oils that are liquid at room temperature.

Must Have Natural Ingredients to Keep Your Strands Healthy

Here are a few natural ingredients that you can totally find in your kitchen, that will take your hair from zero to shero. Though raw coconut oil is one of my favorites, this ingredient tend to solidify during cold months, and no one wants their strands frozen from solidified coconut oil.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is an emollient, which means it fill in the gaps in your hair at a cellular level. This make it an optimal way to nourish, strengthen your hair against damaged hair. Filled with high levels of  nutrients like polyunsaturated, omega-9 fatty acids, vitamin E and natural antioxidants, which are all hair-friendly nutrients for luxuriously moisturized hair. A few drops will go a long way to improve the shine and strength of your hair.


Avocado helps to fortify your hair

Avocado is full of healthy proteins, amino acids and vitamins that are not only great for eating, but also help to smooth soothe your scalp and hair. The rich nutrients help fortify and strengthen your hair strands, keeping them from getting fragile and breaking. Promote strong healthy hair by applying an avocado treatment once per mont. Simply Crush half an avocado, massage into clean, damp hair. Let it sit for about15 minutes, and then rinse clean with warm water.


Honey is a natural humectant, which means that it can draw and retain moisture in your hair and keep it there. Honey is a great way to nourish hair follicles, the rich nutrients encourages growth and facilitate the infusion of important vitamins and mineral into each hair strand. Use it once a month by massaging into damp hair, leave to sit for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Raw Egg

Egg is great for moisturizing hair.

If you’re allergic to eggs like myself, then you will want to refrain from using this ingredient. The protein in eggs act as a natural moisturizer used to strengthen your strands and prevent breakage. Definitely only use once a month, if you don’t want the opposite effect. Simply whisk a single egg and massage it into your hair and scalp. Let the egg sit for up to 20 minutes, then rinse using cold water. Warm water will actually cook the egg, leaving white chunks in your hair.

What natural remedies for dry hair have you tried and liked? Share your experiences in the comments below or tweet us on at @NicoleWPR.

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