How I Scale My Priorities to Balance Entrepreneurship, Kids & Success

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How I Stay on Top of My Business Finances. @QuickBooks #waystogrow #ad #fabulouslyfearless

Being a business owner like parenting, is one of the scariest things that I have ever done. With both I wear many hats, I’m head of HR, IT and finance. If you’re self-employed, a freelancer, a creative, or have some sort of side hustle, then you know every dollar - yes even cash - must be reported as income. There is no withholding on your business income, which makes managing business financials and planning appropriately for self-employment taxes very critical.

As a Mom Boss I have all my burners on at the same time: family, career, romance and friends. So, it’s easy to forget to keep good financial records, and it definitely can get pretty costly relying on memory. But because I would much rather not be audited by IRS, I use Intuit QuickBooks Online Resource Center to educate myself, master my budgeting and keep my business financials organized so I can shift my priorities to make my mom boss status fun.   

How I Stay on Top of My Business Finances. @QuickBooks #waystogrow #ad #fabulouslyfearless

Intuit QuickBooks is the #1 accounting solution for small businesses, helping users like myself to save an average of 11 hours per month. I’m able to manage my cashflow, send and keep track of unpaid invoices, automatically categorize expenses, and add a copy of each receipt to each expense. Best of all, when it comes to tax time, there’s no shoebox of receipts, just my profit and loss statement. The QuickBooks Resource Center has everything to help me understand and stay on top of my business financials, including a free self-employment tax calculator and an automatic mileage tracking feature. Have employees? Then the paycheck calculator would be of benefit to you.

I understand that accounting is vital to sustaining and growing my business. Plus the buck stops with me, so I don’t take shortcuts, report all income, and track all expenses. I can be CEO and I can still be mom, because Intuit QuickBooks Resource Center helps me to manage a vital and time-consuming aspect of my business. Plus my CPA loves me, and that’s because I make his job super easy.

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