Personal Styling To Make The Everyday Woman Feel Confident

Personal styling for the everyday woman. #style

Helping you to make a great first impression with your own personal stylist without breaking the bank.

Contrary to the glamorous hustle life on Instagram... Between powering through managing our busy schedules, daily mommy duties, and slaying our careers the hustle life ain’t all a bed of roses. Women with busy lifestyles tend to lean more towards a comfortable wardrobe. However, as fabulously fearless women I know you want functional and comfy without sacrificing style.

You probably find yourself in the mornings trying on several things before settling on something. Then before you know it, the closet and bedroom is a mess--and this is all before you even do anything else. We have so many things competing for our time, and so many decisions to make. The biggest--the outfit of the day (OOTD).

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

This daily process uses up so much of our time and energy, that could be better spent on other more important things. But of course you want to ensure your public image is sending the right message about you.

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As career-driven women, we crave style solutions that make us feel confident in the message our image is communicating. But there are times when head-to-toe outfits just can't seem to coordinate. So just in time for summer, we've revamped our image consulting and styling service dedicated to helping you put your best [style] foot forward. Serving primarily women, we develop and create personal styles that are confident, unique and timeless, especially for the everyday, career-driven woman.

You can also shop unique indie and trendy editor’s picks in our newly launched online boutique, while our stylist cultivate individualized style lookbooks from retailers around the web, to be shopped in the privacy of your home!

Sometimes our lifestyle evolves, and our personal style lags behind. But at NWC HQ, we support clients through their many life changes. We work diligently to meet our clients’ style needs. Whether you’re trying to dress your baby bump, need an outfit for a wedding, have a date night, or a job interview NWC will help you put your best style foot forward.

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