How To Get Ahead in Your Career

Building your dream life, means taking risks, breaking a lot of rules, and believing in yourself.

Sometimes, the initial way you planned your life, may not be exactly how it turns out. Early on, life threw me some curve balls that helped me to find the intersection between what I love and what I’m good at. I started out wanting to be a fashion designer, but then my love for communication and marketing led to a shift into the world of public relations. However, I would take one more turn that led me down the path of a successful lifestyle blog, then later back to school. I took a risk pouring all of my energy into navigating the digital space, and it turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime

“Building your dream life, means taking risks, breaking a lot of rules, and believing in yourself.”

There is a lot to be said for understanding how to use personal branding and communication strategies to play the relevance game. Relevance is the only tool we have in today's uncertain socio-economic world. We live in a time where communication ethos are making vast and uneasy changes. Making it more and more important for not just media entrepreneurs but also the common person, to understand communication practices that make one more favorable, both in the digital world and in-person. In Dessalle’s words…

“The more relevant you are, the more allies you will have; the more allies you have, the larger your coalition; the larger your coalition, the more likely it will be that it will dominate the band; the greater your coalition's dominance of the band, the greater your fecundity; the greater your fecundity, the faster your relevance-producing genes will be spread throughout the population.”

Unfortunately, many are depressed by the uncertain job market, and the unlikelihood of a comfortable retirement. So, whether you are a college grad, looking to advance in your career, or launching your business, applying Dessalle’s theory of relevance is a great way to signal you as an ally in a shifting world. You may fear the risk of being exposed to the judgment or rebuke of others, but not everything in life is an either or proposition. 

Here are four ways to show off your superiority and leadership skills like a confident peacock.


Be Authentic

Knowing who you are at your core is the foundation of relevance. Otherwise, you find yourself caught up on the hamster wheel of life, trying to live someone else’s definition of success. Walk in your truth by taking an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses and having the courage to own it.


Take Action

The one thing that ultimately makes you relevant to others, is taking action. And, while you want to continuously evolve your skills and talents, it is also important to stay mindful of putting things into action. All the knowledge in the world means nothing unless you apply it. 



Be bold enough to stand out in a sea of sameness and take risks by stepping outside of your comfort zone.  Volunteer at a non-profit, offer to help with a difficult task at work, start a side hustle, or invent something that challenges the norm. People who take paths with no guaranteed roadmap to success are always admired.


Build Trust

Cultivate honest and meaningful relationships by adding value that addresses a common issue or problem for others. This will make people feel connected and will build trust, which will make you an authority and a welcomed solution.

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