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Be inspired and reminded to lean into fear and be great, plus stylish tools and accessories centered around messages of female empowerment, positive affirmation, self-love and advocacy.

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Diagnosed with severe orthostatic hypertension, and after two months in ICU, I was released with a warning…If I didn’t learn to advocate for self, I would send myself to an early grave.

As women, there are many demands on us, from juggling career, raising children and everything in between. There were times, I just wanted to curl up and cry myself to sleep. Then I realized, life is messy! The bad experiences are what prepare you and perfection is totally overrated.

Sometimes self-awareness, self-care and self-love can be a revolutionary thing, and all it takes is the simplest thing to make a monumental difference. You can’t give value if you don’t make regular deposits. I wanted to do something that adds value and serves women in a purposeful way. I wanted to inspire and make the journey easier for the next generation of leaders, and with that, the brand #FabulouslyFearlessIRL by NWC was born!

Fabulously Fearless IRL is a female-founded ’know your value’ initiative committed to advancing diversity and inclusion through collaboration  and accountability. This initiative is designed to help women and youth transform their lives: get inspired, get a fresh look at their goals, get strategy, and get a coach. We are a community for change-makers, dream-chasers and hustlers providing support and guidance during times of transition, growth and change.

Whether you’re outspoken and unapologetically yourself; or want to believe in self but feel not so confident — this is for you! Plus, our stylish yet functional product offerings include success planners, graphic tees, home decor, coffee mugs, phone cases and tote bags. Fabulously Fearless IRL™ serves as a friendly reminder, that you’ve got this! That you’re SMART, DOPE and #BADASS!

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How do you motivate others and stay motivated?