Gift Giving On A Budget This Holiday Season


Overspending goes hand in hand with the holidays. So, if the holidays find you on a tight budget, you’re probably feeling the pressure of gift-giving on a budget. There is definitely no shame in being on a budget, but first you’ve got to stop feeling embarrassed and accept the reality of your financial situation. Otherwise, giving this holiday season will hurt. Being frugal doesn’t mean cheap, it just means getting the most for your buck without sacrificing style. Plus, there is nothing like a gift that says I really put some thought into it picking a gift that’s just right for you. Here are a few clever tips and gift ideas to guarantee that gift-giving on a budget will impress this holiday season.


Tips For Gift Giving On A Budget

THINK USEFUL: Give yourself the comfort of knowing your hard- earned cash won’t end up in the regifting or trash bin by ensuring the gift you give fits into one of the following categories: something of need, something to wear, something to read, or something wanted.

SURF SAVINGS: Save time and the cost of traveling by taking advantage of deals, comparison shopping, and free shipping online. Sites like Amazon can help you find great deals, offering a wide array of sellers, and free delivery over $35.

GIVE EXPERIENCES: Instead of buying individual gifts for each member of the family, purchase an experience that everyone can enjoy together. There is nothing better than togetherness during the holiday season.

GIVE MEMORIES: You’ve been capturing memories all year long, so why not creatively turn those memories into something that truly will last. Whether you want to choose one photo to frame or compile them all into a beautiful photo-book, guaranteeing it will be something to love.


Gift Ideas For Gift Giving On A Budget

Now that you have the tips to help you make frugal choices while still making an impression, here are a few gifts that are each under $50. If I may say so myself, these gifts are totally reasonable and the hardest part may be convincing you not to keep them for yourself.