Hey Girl! You Have Extraordinary Courage

I’m celebrating the 38th anniversary of my born day. And, as I get ready to complete my 38th year of life, I realize that I have so much more to do, much more to give, and much more to learn.

I realized I had no limits. #fabulouslyfearless

My name is Nicole Williams, or Nicole Melissa as I’m affectionately known. I’m a mom and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, NY. My love affair with entrepreneurship began when I was in high school. It was totally a result of my circumstances. I lived in Jamaica (yes I'm a yard gurl) where the economy is a bit different from here in the US, and I wanted my uniform made to fit my suitability. My need forced me to do the work and made my own uniform. With my new found appreciation for a realized skill, I started offering sewing services to people in my community. I started out making window curtains and drapes. The problem was that people mostly changed their drapes for the holidays. Teaching me a very important lesson in the process: when things don’t work out as planned, start over with a new approach.

It’s not exactly always glamorous to be a mom boss, but I’m earning my joy one lesson at at time. There is no one right way to live your dream life. What brings you joy may not be what you thought, but don’t ever be afraid to shift gears. Change can be very terrifying - whether it’s going back to school, ending a marriage, or starting a new relationship. Scarier than the aforementioned, is an uncertain income. The trademark of a true entrepreneur is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. So I made the decision, a few years ago, to stop complaining about my situation, work hard, stay positive and take risks while always evolving. I set out to find what makes me happy, excited and fulfilled. By doing what I love and walking in my truth, I've placed myself in the position to create the dream life and career I want. However, I did need to define what success means to me. I now refer to it frequently, never letting my success become a moving target.

Never letting my success become a moving target. #fabulouslyfearless #successtips

My passion is building personal brands, while my purpose is building women, so this blog has become my classroom where fabulously fearless go-getters attempting to balance life and career seamlessly, can get a glimpse of my evolving life and point of view. You will find that I’m a little controversial somewhat edgy and always fly. But my story is simple. I love inspiring women and girls to help them understand their power, and work to ensure women's voices are heard by changing the conversation. My mission is to make the lives of multicultural women easier by inspiring them to live the life they deserve.

I did not know I had a story because I felt there was nothing extraordinary about me. But over the years, as I navigated my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve become more awoke. I realized that this girl, has extraordinary courage, because my story is not of a girl’s broken dreams, but of a girl who couldn’t be broken. Today, you have Nicole Williams Collective LLC,  a brand communications agency on a mission to reimagine communications strategy for multicultural women, from the ground up. I was smart enough to know I have no limits. Choosing to believe that I’m a not-so-average woman. Now I realize that the issue really boils down to the fact that some people's ceiling is my floor.

My hope is to inspire you to be a game changer, to take action and make things happen for yourself and the community at large. Like Henry Ward Beecher said, "hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself." I’m not sure what is holding you back from going after your dreams. But it's time to go forth and be the Fabulously Fearless go-getter that you are!

But for now, I want to celebrate with you. Use code BIRTHDAY38 to save 20% on essentials created for the not-so-average woman and girl who is ready to conquer the world.