Helping To Create The Future I Want For My Daughters

Being a woman is a unique challenge, especially when it comes to the workforce and leadership positions.

Helping To Create The Future I Want For My Daughters

My commitment to gender equality is very personal. Not just because I’m a woman. But because I’m also a mother of two girls. Everyday is a constant reminder that, though this world we live in is the sum of all our stories, inclusivity somehow is not guaranteed. I have a responsibility to leave the world better than I found it, I need to be the change, so my daughters know they can accomplish more because I existed.

I want my girls to know they will be afforded the same opportunities as their male friends…That they can come back from maternity leave without having to worry about proving their commitment to their jobs. That they can establish careers in fields some may consider typically male-dominated.

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Lately, my news feed has been filled with everyone having an all-out celebration of women, because March brings a heightened focus on gender balance across industries. However, if we love female-driven stories so much, why not feature indomitable females all year round? Awareness of these values often doesn’t translate into meaningful action.

Though not fast enough, times are a changin, because women are doing it for themselves. Yes, more and more women are working hard bringing our folding chairs to the table, and to ensure our voices are heard. Studies even show that women make up about half of the workforce. However, women aren't promoted at the same rates, and only a fraction women are in upper-level management positions.

I believe in a future where everyone feels included, and where diversity is embraced. I believe in a future where all voices are heard. That’s why I work to empower positive change – whether that be through my blog, podcast or by supporting women professionals, entrepreneurs, and educational institutions.  

I empower my children, my clients and mentees to believe in themselves while respecting the uniqueness of others – because its core to my values and what I believe in. Not just because it is the theme for the month.

So while women’s History Month is important. It is even more important that we continue the discussion throughout the years to come.

How are you going to challenge yourself and your organization to do better, beyond March, and continuously throughout the year? What will you be doing in the commitment to help achieve gender parity? How will you help to bring representation to positions of leadership? Because as the statistics show, we still have a long way to go.