The Smartest Way To Ensure A Stress-free Wedding Day

Are you one of those brides or couples who are planning your wedding yourselves? If so, continue reading...

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Whether you are hiring a wedding planner or doing it yourself, you should be able to enjoy your special day, without worrying about your planned details and how they will be executed on the day of the wedding. With that said, as a seasoned professional wedding planner, our creative director Nicole Williams is shedding some light on the smartest way to ensure a stress-free wedding day. 

In this podcast episode, she will give you the the 411 about why you should work with a “day of wedding coordinator.” The use of a day of wedding coordinator, is currently one of the hottest and smartest trends in wedding planning, and is the happy medium between doing it all yourself and hiring a full-service wedding planner. Hiring a day of coordinator will prove to be a life saver and alleviate a lot of the stress in the final month and days leading up to your wedding day, as well as, reduce the pressure that often comes with the wedding day-of logistics. 

After listening, you might realize that you shouldn't leave your wedding day-of logistics in the hands of your maid of honor, mother or well intended friend. Allowing your family and friends to just relax and enjoy your wedding as guests, while maintaining your sanity.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is Day of Coordination?

  • Why is it important and what are the benefits of hiring a Day of Coordinator?

  • What does a Day of Coordinator do?

  • What are the cost to hire a Day of Coordinator?


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