Carol Tuttle Shares How To Be A Happier Family With Less Parenting Burnout

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Just like us adults, no two children are alike. Some are naturally loud and playful, others are more reserved. This is something I discovered for myself with my two daughters, what worked for my older daughter backfired with my younger. But how do you know what to do? Well, according to author and parenting expert -- Carol Tuttle, the key to effective parenting is to customize your approach to each child. Tuttle has a framework to help you do just that, so you don’t have to guess. That’s why she started the podcast and wrote The Child Whisperer -- to help you know what works for your unique child.

Carol began her work in secondary education and has since taught hundreds of thousands of people online. Plus as a mother, Carol has raised distinctly different children -- and has been where you are.

Listen as we have a conversation with Carol Tuttle on how to understand your child on a deep level and be the amazing parent your child needs. Then, be sure to click the links below to get a copy of Carol’s book and her podcast.

Key Points:

  1. Motivate your children easily, without a fight

  2. Foster more confidence and success in your child

  3. Build a harmonious parent-child relationship

  4. Understand why your child does what they do

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