This Careless Mistake Could Tarnish Your Professional Reputation

The most successful ones among us knows how to turn on the charm. #businessettiquette

Communications isn’t just in our name; it’s what we breathe. We help clients effectively convey their value and leave memorable experiences, meaning the services you see over at our parent company [NWC], are steeped in professional etiquette.

Etiquette allows you to present yourself in a polite, polished, and professional manner, which encourages others to take you seriously. Etiquette and professionalism reflect proper behavior in all situations--including the workplace. Always consider the needs and feelings of others, as well as being thoughtful and courteous to the people around you.

Many of us are familiar with ghosting in our personal lives, but now ghosting at work is on a rise. Professional ghosting is a trend that’s not exactly new, but is nonetheless uniquely annoying whenever it happens. Business professionals need to stop flaking and actually start letting business dates know they’ve been cancelled. And hiring managers need to stop evaporating and start letting applicants know they did not get the job.

Communication is an essential business skill and is the lifeblood of any industry. The most successful ones among us knows how to switch on the charm and exhibit their best business and professional etiquette, to get the job done. Technological advancements have also made it possible to easily communicate with anyone around the world at anytime. However, it is this convenience that makes it easy to forget manners and lead to embarrassing mistakes that may be detrimental to one’s professional reputation. After all, how you communicate with others greatly affects the way they perceive you.

The way professionals communicate and interact with colleagues, clients, and partners on the job – can help avoid embarrassing incidents and protect their reputation. One important thing to note is that everyone loves feeling appreciated. That might be because it makes us feel valued, recognizes our existence, and gives us a deeper sense of meaning. When one fails to demonstrate business and professional etiquette, this careless mistake merely shows lack of attention to detail, and that you don’t care.


Demonstrating professional etiquette, and giving people the respect they deserve is a pretty simple concept, and when exercised will help you gain respect in your career. So as a reminder, always roll out the red carpet, turn on the charm, and dole out the extra-special treatment.