How To Build A Functional And Stylish Wardrobe To Fit Your Personal Brand

It is a new season, which means it’s time for a closet refresh. But remember what Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashions fade, but style is eternal.”

How To Build A Functional And Stylish Wardrobe

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So while you may be tempted to incorporate all the looks from the Spring runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris into your wardrobe. You might want to continue reading for a few tips on how to communicate an image of confidence, so you’ll be more likely to succeed in both your personal and professional life.

First impressions matter. Your personal appearance (hair, wardrobe, and makeup) are as important as your smile. When done well, they will help you put your best foot forward. Here’s how to develop a stylish wardrobe that reflects your personal brand, fits into your lifestyle, flatters your body, and aligns with the personality you want to communicate.

Assess your lifestyle

Just like I do with my clients, when putting together a wardrobe, the first step is always to assess your daily activities and identify the environment within which you spend most of your time. This process will help to give you an idea of the type of clothing you’ll need to best fit your lifestyle.

Are you a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) who spends most of her time on the move taking the kids from activity to activity, requiring a more practical and relaxed attire (jeans, t-shirts, flats, etc)? Or, are you a c-suite executive who spends most of your time in meetings, requiring formal business attire (i.e. suits, slacks, blazers, etc.).

Invest in staple pieces

To build a functional and practical wardrobe, you want to invest in a few well-crafted essentials or staple pieces. Staples are the foundation of a versatile wardrobe, taking you from season to season. This may mean you’ll spend a bit more but look at it this way, the cost per wear will be well worth it. When you do find those elusive perfect pieces, buy two in different colors. With a little care they can go a long way. All you’ll need to do is add one or two seasonal pieces to keep them fresh and stylish.

For example: khaki trousers can be paired with a tee and sneakers with unexpected accessories; just add a dark textured high neck top with black or brown accessories; or add a scarf and a lightweight trench coat with metallic details for a bit of classic elegance.

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Source: Canva

Source: Canva

Know the body you’re in

To build a functional wardrobe that is reflective of the image you want to convey, you’ll need to be conscious of your body shape and size. The goal then, is to know, love and to dress the body you’re in — so it will look and feel great. Therefore, you’ll want to not only build a wardrobe around your lifestyle, but also one that suits your current body.

I used to be slender and athletic but throw in two kids and the stresses of life over the years, my body now is a far from what it used to be.

You must adjust your wardrobe choices for those body changes. Having a better knowledge of your body’s shape and proportion, will help you create a wardrobe filled with those items that flatter the individuality of your body.

Develop a signature style

When you look good, you feel good — and that translates to you feeling confident about yourself.  If you have a tendency of gravitating towards a specific color or type of clothing, find ways to plan chic outfits around those pieces that make you feel confident.

Your wardrobe should be built around what you love and what makes you feel confident. It is also a good idea to have a few items that push you out of your comfort zone to maximize your life and the opportunities that come your way.

For example, my daughter loves skirts and dresses so you won’t find lots of jeans and denim in her closet. Instead, you’ll find flirty leggings with girly prints.


The objective when building the perfect wardrobe is having one that feels like you, is not only practical and functional, but also filled with clothing that flatters your body type and works for your lifestyle.