6 Key Things to Guide Your Vision When You’re Multi-Passionate

Photo by    Lauren Roberts    on    Unsplash

There are many ways to write success, so go ahead and be the Editor-in-Chief of your own life.

No one knows better than I, how important it is to get clear on your messaging. Like any good brand and communications consultant, I tell my clients “find what you’re good at and create a life doing it.” But what do you do when you have multiple strengths and passions? How do you pursue those passions without frustrating yourself or confusing your audience?

Well, here is my not so secret answer, pave your own path! Yup, that’s it.

I’ve always had a love for style, a passion for writing, an affinity for project management, and wanted to be a catalyst for female empowerment. This made it hard to settle on one career path. At various stages in my life, I tried to hone in on just one of my many passions. But this didn’t fulfill me. Then I had a major ah-ha moment: whenever I allowed my passion to lead me, it would stimulate and make me happier. Finally allowing my creative juices to flow from one idea to the next, led me to making deeper more meaningful pivots.

Once I realized the missing link, my love and passion for marketing, style, and inspiration started working to shape quality of life, helping women to tap into their inner #girlboss. Here at NWC HQ, we inform and entertain, offer food for thought, support your dreams, and celebrate your successes. Sometimes we even take time out to affirm and appreciate the men in our lives. Simply put, I was able to package my multiple passions into one product—delivering confidence. We deliver it by the truckload so young women can lead, serve, and aspire beyond their current limitations.

Photo by    Prince Akachi    on Unsplash

Photo by Prince Akachi on Unsplash

There are many ways of writing success, it’s not one size fits all. Bringing multiple passions to the table means playing with different themes and ideas, but as long as your ideas are a natural extension of your vision it is completely OK. If there's anything that today’s landscape has taught us, it is to remain open to new ideas, new ways of thinking and doing things. In the end, being multi-passionate boils down to being fearless about pursuing what you know is right for you. Here are six (6) key things to guide your vision and navigate the uncertain terrains of being multi-passionate.


Get Self-Aware

Self awareness is your best asset! Over the years, I learned to scale my vision by first understanding who I was, the value I have to offer the world, and most importantly, how to articulate it. Sometimes well intentioned people will push you in directions that may be fruitful, and sometimes in directions that may violate your values and passion. Tune into yourself, in order to be aware of your non-negotiables and know when to trust your gut.


Build Your Squad

Surround yourself with a positive support system. As exciting as living out your dreams sounds, it can be as difficult as it is rewarding. So, identify key people (mentors, coaches, sponsors, and an advisory board) you can trust and lean into, especially in difficult times when things seem to be going south.


Create Your Vision Board

I’m a big believer in vision boards, they are a powerful way to channel and manifest your life desires. A vision board is a collage of your dreams in pictures and words. It is a visualization tool used to clarify and focus your intentions. Allow yourself to dream, by taking some time to define what success looks like for you then bring it to life on a vision board. Creating your vision board, is your powerful way of saying “I deserve, so yes please!”


Bullet-Proof Your Mind with Affirmations

It is not your job to silence the naysayers, let your success quiet them. Fuel your fire by verbally and visually reinforcing your dreams and ambitions. Seek inspiration and encouragement from all the #badass women going against the grain. Use their personal experience and wisdom to guide your path and rewire your brain. There are also many books available for you to gain practical wisdom to help you create the career you want.


Prioritize and Set SMART Goals

I can’t live without my to-do lists, they help me prioritize and stay organized so I can focus on my targeted goals. Write down your goals and objectives, then outline a game plan of actionable things and assign dates to help you achieve your goals. Research shows that it is more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down. Checking off your goals each day will give you a sense of accomplishment, and a better outlook.


Practice Self-care

Self-care tames negative emotions and stimulates creativity. It is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, and when practiced regularly gives a sense of balance. There are many ways to practice self-care. Whether it is meditation, skin-care practices, exercise, a trip with the significant other, or playing with the kids; carve out time to unwind, relax and get rejuvenated so you can be more productive.