5 Ways To Refresh Your Living And Work Space

Function and chic don’t have to live miles apart, so go ahead, design and decorate your best life.

Ways to refresh your space to live your best life

From focusing on positive mental health to making time for intentional self-care and squadding up, you have been plotting, planning and executing your goals. The past year has been a season of growth, but that’s because you’ve been doing the work. But if you’re still feeling a little blue or moody, you may want to freshen up your space to release new energy or feng shui. One of the most powerful decisions about living your best life is made in the space around you. Read on to see how a touch of feng shui can add a refreshing kick to your living and work space to match the vision board of what you want in your life, as well as enhance the whole you.

Stylishly Functional Bar

Entertaining tips #homebar

Create a convergence of function and style with a bar cart that goes beyond booze. The perfect bar is quick access, works for impromptu gatherings, and has room for not only your favorite spirits, but also hot chocolate and some french macaroons.

Infused Scents

ArtNaturals      Aromatherapy diffuser

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy diffuser

Find your zen by creating a relaxing space, infused with a pleasant blend of aroma that will inspire you. Research shows that the fragrances of essential oils that emanate from essential oil diffusers stimulate the senses and help eliminate negative emotions.

Vibrant Colors

Prestige Interior      paint and primer

Prestige Interior paint and primer

Color changes everything! Usher in a fresh perspective with bold colors to transform your furniture or freshen up your walls. Bold colors will make your space a little playful and contemporary.

Light Your Life

J and Case      LED Light bulbs

J and Case LED Light bulbs

Good lighting is everything! So if you’re not able to let the sunlight in, these energy saving, eco-friendly light bulbs perform excellently in any space, and will feel right at home in any lifestyle. Natural light makes the room feel more spacious, as you see it in a new light.

Pillow Perfection

Woven Nook      decorative throw pillows

Woven Nook decorative throw pillows

Mix and match throw pillow styles, colors, patterns and sizes to add personality and a modern feel to your space. Also, rather than traditional pairs, go for an odd number of pillows, the contrast will work to give a bit of pizazz.

How are you designing your best life?