3 Books That Will Empower Every Little Girl

3 Books That Will Empower Every Little Girl

Uplifting stories that inspire girl power and should be a part of every little girl’s library.

Empower our girls

In our household, we are firm believers in reading [actual paper] books. Reading offers wisdom from other’s experience, expand your horizons, and can also serve as an escape from your current situation. Books give rise to new ideas and encourage you to make better decisions and be better people.

Almost every night at bedtime, the little one and I read together before she goes off to sleep. Recently, we have done something a little different. Instead of the regular picture books, I purchased a few chapter books about trailblazing girls from around the world. At first, my daughter who is now six wasn't so thrilled that the books didn’t have pictures, but then she grew to love them.

Reading uplifting stories will empower even the littlest member of your family — especially your girls, to be brave, bold, and find her own voice. Every child needs role models inspiring them to dream bigger, aim higher, and fight harder! Even us as parents, sometimes tend to sacrifice so much for our kids that we stop dreaming. So reading girl power stories together at bedtime with my daughter provides the perfect bonding opportunity and creates a routine that both my daughter and I look forward to, while inspiring us both to reach for the stars.

I’ve found that telling our kids empowering stories become their inner voice, stimulate their intellectual curiosity, encourage optimism, and teach them how face obstacles with poise.

3 empowwering books

With that said, make room on your daughter’s book shelf for these three books that will encourage, inspire and empower your little girl to be her best! Oh and by the way, through affiliate programs, we may receive a revenue percentage if you purchase through our website.

1. With the Might of Angels (Dear America)

This book will inspire your little girl to be a trailblazer. It combines a lesson in social justice with a story of hope and determination, demonstrating that one brave act can change the course of history. Get It here!

2. Mermaids To The Rescue: Lana Swims North

This book will empower your little girl [and even your little boy] to be brave, find their voice, and understand that the thing that makes you different is what make you great. Get it here!

3. Malala Yousafzai (She Dared)

This book is a story of perseverance and advocacy. It will encourage your girl to be more self-aware, inspire her to find her voice, and teach an important lesson about  courage. Get it here!

What girl power books are on your little girl’s bookshelf?

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