5 Simple Self-Care Practices Everyone Should Start Today

5 Simple Self-Care Practices Everyone Should Start Today

Self-care is an essential human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated to preserve quality of life.

Photo by  Pete Bellis  on  Unsplash

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Self-care seems to be everywhere these days, but that’s for good reason. Self-care is about more than yoga and meditation (although that is a fun part of it). Self-care is centered on self-preservation practices that can protect your mental health.

But how can you work it into your life? While self-care can seem complex, taking care of yourself is actually pretty simple. Keep on reading for some easy self-care practices you can start doing right now to improve your life.


Go to Bed!   

Are you skipping out on sleep? Well, you may be missing out on an important part of self-care. Contrary to some popular opinions, you actually do need sleep to stay sane, get stuff done and keep powering through your day. Sleep is so important to women’s mental and physical health that movers and shakers like Arianna Huffington have dedicated their lives to helping people get more of it. You can check out Arianna’s tips for a good night’s sleep or work on building a bedtime routine on your own. Break out that silky sleep mask and those lavender-scented essential oils to help yourself get the seven to eight hours most experts recommend.  


Schedule That Massage   

When you think of self-care, you may think of massages and spas. Guess what? You’re partially right! Taking time to relax helps recharge your brain and lets you focus on just doing nothing for a while. You can’t keep going and going no matter how hard you try. So go ahead and book that massage. Lounge for a few hours in your hammock, or take a warm bubble bath. However you like to make time for yourself, consider it a must-have part of your wellness routine.


Spend Some Time with Your Dog

Wait… self-care can be as simple as snuggling with some puppies? Yep, that’s right. Your dog can be good for your mental health. Studies show that dogs can help relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. Some people even rely on dogs, or other pets, as emotional support animals. So grab the leash and take your furkid for a walk, or toss a ball around outside. You can also crash on the couch and give your pup some belly scratches. Your pup will appreciate the extra attention and you’ll feel so much better in the process. Don’t have a dog of your own? Borrow a friend’s or offer to walk your neighbor’s dog while they’re at work.


Don’t Let Stress Get the Best of You  

Between jobs, school, and social media, stress is everywhere in our lives. It can seem inescapable, and that’s no good for your mental health. While it can be tempting to find comfort from stress in a couple of glasses of rosé, there are healthier, more productive ways to deal with your stress. Sign up for a yoga class and make it a point to go. Despite popular Instagram images, yoga doesn’t have to be super difficult and you don’t need to be a human pretzel to reap the positive benefits. Just breathing in a yoga class can help you reduce stress. Yoga not your thing? Use other self-care practices to kick stress out of your life.


Learn to Say “No”   

Look, sometimes you should just say “no.” Whether it’s that extra work assignment, your sort of friend’s baby shower or a weird blind date, there are some things that simply aren’t worth your time. That sounds harsh, right? But if you’re already overloaded with tasks and responsibilities, knowing how to politely say “no” can help you keep your sanity. We’re all Wonder Woman at heart and capable of doing so much, but even the best of us can get overloaded. So don’t feel guilty if you need to say “no” every once in a while.

So there you go. Self-care is really just about taking care of yourself. And with all of the stress and chaos in the world, there’s no better time to start practicing than now. So make self-care part of your wellness routine and start living your best life now!


Brad Krause graduated from college in 2010 and went straight to the corporate world at the headquarters of a popular retail company. But what started as a dream job soured quickly. After four years of working 15-hour days and neglecting his health, he decided enough was enough. Through aiding a friend during a tough time, Brad discovered his real calling-helping people implement self-care practices that improve their overall wellbeing. He created SelfCaring.info to share his own knowledge and the many great resources he finds on his self-care journey.

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