Parent/Child Border Separation Questions the Soul of America

Recent changes to U.S. border security policy resulted in a humanitarian crisis, as confusion and fear can abound.

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Just when we think the immigration battle can't get anymore contentious, we hit a new low. The Trump Administration’s policy on separating immigrant children from their parents using them as pawns in the immigration debate, has many questioning the soul of America. Some defending it, and many agreeing the administration's ‘Zero-Tolerance Policy’ eerily resembles policies the Nazi Germany.

This morning while I got my 5-year old ready for school, I watched as this horrifying situation of babies being separated from their parents unfold. My little one asked, “are they taking away all kids from their parents?” I wrapped my arms around her and told her “no.” ‘But the news said they took children away,” she responded. I continued to reassure her. I can’t imagine my 5-year old daughter being taken away from me--I would die.

The Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April, announced the Trump administration’s new policy to prioritize and prosecute what is a misdemeanor, as criminal immigrant offenses. As a result, they have been separating children from their parents and placing them in ‘Tent Cities,’ or what some calls ‘internment camps.’ It’s also noteworthy to point out that during his press conference Sessions [who is a member of the United Methodist Church] used a Bible verse to justify their actions. But now more than 600 members of the United Methodist Church have issued a formal complaint against the Attorney General stating: that he is engaging in causing significant harm in matters contrary to the Discipline on the global stage.”

When news from the AP broke, it revealed at least three secret so-called ‘tender-age shelters’ housing hundreds of babies and toddlers in South Texas, with playrooms of babies crying in crisis. Tears came to my eyes, as these are pretty much prisons for babies! Many of these parents don’t know where their children are. A former ICE Chief told the MSNBC that many of those children will be permanently separated. But I thought it is crises like these that Melania Trump’s ‘Be Best Initiative’ was supposed to protect the most vulnerable amongst us against?

As the world watches on, the harsh new ‘Family Separation Policy’ brought to us by the Trump administration is tearing apart the fabric of our nation. Where are our leaders in the midst of these dehumanizing acts towards immigrants? Why have they recoiled from speaking out against this policy?

Regardless of party affiliations, us here at Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge believe this is a humanitarian crisis and we need creative and compassionate solutions. We implore you to stay informed, especially in a time where “fake news” is so prevalent. It is your responsibility to get media literate, and get information from reliable sources. Use your voice, sign a petition, or donate to an organization to help better the human condition of these families torn apart.