How To Successfully Transition Or Make A Career Leap

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Whether you are just starting out, aiming for the C-suite, changing career path or figuring out how to reenter the workforce after a career break, it can be scary and frustrating. The job application process can be daunting as the competition is fierce, and taking the leap can be risky and might not happen overnight. But a bit of homework, an honest look at success, a strategy that reframes and repositions you, with a few disciplined steps will lead to something sustainable over time. Planning wisely and taking the below calculated moves can help you move happily forward into  a job or career that will fulfill you.


Follow Your Passion

Take the time to see what gives you the maximum enthusiasm--what really makes you happy. This could be either your side hustle or pulling from life’s experiences. Do you love to write, are you great at project management, or are you digitally savvy? Your hobbies might be a guide to discovering your next career or your dream job.


Understand Your Non-negotiables

Knowing the sacrifices you are willing to make going forward will depend on your long-term goals. Think about what is important to you and your current situation then determine what will be the right opportunity for you. Knowing your non-negotiables will help to inform whether you want to work remotely, take a pay cut, or take a lower position to acquire more marketable skills.

Source: Kate Spade

Source: Kate Spade


Do Some Research

Once you have figured out what makes you happy, do a bit of research to explore potential job or career opportunities. Make a list of companies you would either love to work or partner with, then visit their websites and check them out on social media. Identify the key words and skills these companies are using to see what the market is looking for. You also want to map your own skills and abilities to see where you may have a gap.


Network, Network, Network

Networking is the lifeblood of any business or career. Attend networking events and reach out to friends, industry professionals and recruiters on LinkedIn. One important quote to remember is that, “closed mouths don’t get fed.” So let people know you are looking for opportunities, because you never know who might be your link to your next career opportunity.


Explore Freelance, Contract or Temporary Opportunities

Pursuing your dreams doesn’t always work out the way we would hope--leaving us to tweak, pivot or make a complete change. Great careers are rarely without hiccups, so leave yourself open to freelance, contract and temporary opportunities. In fact, these opportunities can give you current work experience and income, expand your network, and open doors to other opportunities.