Melania Trump Laid Out Her Formal Agenda as First Lady

The first lady’s eyebrow-raising initiative has critics talking due to the irony of the platform.


Yesterday (Monday May 7, 2018), Melania Trump, announced her 'Be Best' initiative--“an awareness campaign dedicated to the most valuable and fragile among us, our children.” The one goal she said, is “to educate children about the many issues they are facing today. Melania laid out three broad areas of focus for her anti-cyberbullying campaign focusing on well-being, healthy social media usage, and opioid addiction.

First lady platforms have usually been one of the most important initiatives in their husband’s presidency. And, first lady platforms, usually frame what the administration is working on. She has managed to keep a low profile, limiting her public appearances, but today, Melania stepped out from her husband’s shadows [in an unprecedented act].

Melania Trump taking on cyber bullying is almost taking on her husband. Her previous efforts towards the effort of cyberbullying have been met with mockery, since Melania’s husband’s own statements have been off-kilter and divisive.

I must admit my empathy for her is split. The mother and woman in me wants to empathize with her impossible situation [her husband’s many scandals], but then I think about her 'boy talk' defense of her husband bragging on the Access Hollywood's tape about sexual assaults.

I can’t help but to be skeptical since it seems to be hypocrisy. But as a feminist, I suppose her standing up in the face of great skepticism, scrutiny, and speculation about her personal life to defy what is expected of her as first lady, is a feminist thing to do.