What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day?

This post is on behalf of the seasoned mom, the adopted mom, the new mom, the step mom, and the expecting mom.

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What do you give the everyday wonder woman without a cape? Truthfully, nothing may be able to measure up to the act of creating or nurturing human life. A role moms perform so gracefully, as though we are perfect and everyday was all rainbows. As mothers, our duties don’t stop when life gets messy. In fact, sometimes that is exactly where our job starts.

Motherhood is a journey, not a destination. And as beautiful an experience it is being mom, it is also stressful. So while chocolates and flowers are great jesters, on Mother’s Day moms want a bit more. We birth whole humans, then raise them having to deal with all the mess and hurdles that come with the title. We fulfill everyone's needs, putting ourselves on the back burner. While motherhood is a blessing, we sometimes find ourselves in uncharted waters, overwhelmed and in desperate need of a break.

Motherhood is both a lifelong work and an expression of us, but it is not the definition of who we are. Our identity is not our past, our future, our current, or even our successes or fails. The truth be told is that, our identity is who we are in spite of... So reserve the chocolates and flowers to celebrate the incredible woman in your life throughout the year. Because on mother’s day, mothers don’t want to be the right now, we want to be so much more.

Just in case you are unsure of what to get the mom in your life, I asked multiple moms what they really want for Mother’s Day. The overwhelming answer, ‘AN OFF DAY.’ So skip the flowers, chocolates and jewelry and make Mother’s Day and anti-Mother’s Day for the mother in your life. Not that we don’t want to be mom, we just want to be mom-unzipped.

Photo by    Jordan Whitt    on    Unsplash

Don’t believe me, here are few answers from moms telling you exactly what they really want for Mother’s Day.

“I want an uninterrupted shower, a nice dinner out and a mimosa because it’s my day.” —Courtney, single mom of one

“I would like a weekend getaway, but a local hotel stay could work too. Stay at a nice hotel and take advantage of all of their spa options. It would be nice to be “off” for a weekend and just rejuvenate myself in R&R.”Mimi CuteLips, wife and mom of two

“I want the house cleaned and I didn’t have to do it, and a whole spa day full of pampering.” —Katie, single mom of one

“Peace of mind not to really do much but just relax in a spa somewhere and chill without the children.” —Simone, single mom of two

“A day to myself, out with no one to care for, no house to clean, and some sun with a good book!!!”Dr. Stephanie Iglesias, single mom of two

“I would love to enjoy the day in my bed. Doing absolutely nothing! Or, maybe a day at the spa.” —Dale, wife and mom of five

“I just want a silent house so I can take a nap in peace for mother's day. I don't care if my husband takes the kids out, or bribes them to keep quiet. I just want an uninterrupted nap.”Danielle Faust, wife and mom of two

“Eat breakfast in bed. Receive something that I have been talking about for months: like a trip to a place of longing or a handmade card, then taken to my favorite restaurant for dinner to culminate the evening.” —Nahidia, single mom of one

“A day with my whole family just laughing and having fun. No work, no business, no stress.” -Sharon Devonish, wife and mom

“To have a relaxing task-free day like an all day spa experience.”Petia Bradshaw, wife and mom of two

“I don’t want anything for mother’s day. Knowing that they are growing into responsible and caring young adults is all that matters.” —Chevy, wife and mom of two

Honestly a day to do absolutely nothing!”Niki Naomi

“A day where I can just be. I don't want to care about anyone or anything - just myself. I don't even want to be pampered, but just left to my own devices.” —K. Buchanan, wife and mom of two

“To have dinner with family members that's not cooked by me or go out to a restaurant to eat, talk and laugh.”Nadine Dillon

Maybe instead of gifting our mother's the usual gift we give every year, we could find something to help them indulge in a bit of self-care or to encourage them to go after their dreams.

What will you be gifting mom this year, so she can be more aware of her greatness?