One Reason Not To Neglect Self-care

Afterall, your body is more important than your closet! #springcleaning

Whether you’re a business owner or work a 9-to-5, I think we can all agree that keeping up with this hamster wheel form of living, tends to put self-care on the back burner. For most of us, it usually takes a wake-up call to notice the toll this kind of lifestyle can have on our lives. Because too often, self-care is the last thing on our super-sized to-do list. And, I [and probably you] is guilty as charged, so keep reading for the one reason NOT to neglect self-care.

From week to week I have a slew of activities that keep my calendar jam packed: being mom, studying, preparing for meetings, writing articles, and speaking engagements. Last week I felt emotionally depleted, which had me feeling uninspired and stuck in a creative rut. But this is what happens when you neglect self-care.

When you neglect self-care, you tell others you don’t know your worth. Respect yourself, choose to maintain a healthy relationship with self, while reminding others that you and your needs are a priority too. Self-care is important. Let me correct that—self-care is crucial to your emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Contrary to common beliefs, being a workaholic is not a virtue. Take it from me, the stress and exhaustion can make you feel emotionally depleted and less productive. When your strength and vitality is not maintained, you’ll be left in a state of exhaustion, which can compromise your decision-making, as well as lead to all sorts of health problems: including anxiety, depression, insomnia and even heart disease.

You are the most important person you know, so make time for yourself to help maintain your strength, stamina and well-being. Find simple ways to commit to a bit of self love. Whether it is taking an hour or two to disconnect from your gadgets to do a simple facial, journaling or to take a short walk; remember self-care isn't a one-time deal. Why? Because you can’t make withdrawals if you don’t make regular deposits.


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