Showing Appreciation Is A Competitive Differentiator

Sometimes appreciation means self love. #selfcare

Everyone loves feeling appreciated. Perhaps because it makes us feel valued, recognizes our existence, and gives us a deeper sense of meaning. A few well chosen and thoughtful words can make a difference in the lives of others. Take a few minutes daily to boost the people around you: send a gift, a thank you card, or give a simple compliment. Why? Because as human beings we all want to be valued.

The best relationships thrive on the giving and receiving of acknowledgement. Appreciation lifts people up and is contagious. People also have a tendency to do more, and go the extra yard for those who appreciate them and their efforts. In H. Jackson Brown Jr’s words, “a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.”

Appreciation lifts people up and is contagious. #cocotique
Gift your self a #Cocotique #BeautyBpx.

One of the best ways to start practicing the art of appreciation, is by starting with yourself. It is likely that, if you have a difficult time appreciating others, then you also have a difficult time also appreciating yourself. But just like a bank account, you can’t make withdrawals if you don’t make regular deposits. So take some time to commit to a bit of self-care. Find simple and easy ways to demonstrate appreciation for self. Remember, you’re in complete control so, and you don’t even have to blow up your budget, because there are a million and one ways to show yourself some appreciation at little or no cost.

Simple and easy ways to demonstrate appreciation for self. #selfcare #fabulouslyfearless #embraceyourself

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How are you going to show yourself some appreciation this month?

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