Podcast: Confidence in the Bedroom

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While it is easy to get out there during the course of our day and ooze confidence in a variety of ways, it can be a completely different ball game when it comes to sex and sexuality. And whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, everyone can experience moments of shyness and self-doubt in the bedroom. It may be because it puts you in a vulnerable place, can be intimidating, and presents the possibility of being rejected. However, if we let go of our insecurities and embrace our bodies, it will do wonders for our bodies and sexuality. Confidence in the bedroom doesn't happen overnight, and like they say “practice makes perfect!” And, by the way, there's no shame in taking your time to get comfortable in the sack, even if you consider yourself sexperienced.

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, but intimacy is indeed an important aspect. So just in time for Valentine’s week, we are talking about intimacy, the threats to intimacy, and how to ooze confidence in the bedroom.

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