Handpicked Gift Ideas For The Women On Your List

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With the upcoming holidays, I know you’re searching for great online deals and gifts to surprise your loved ones. But I know all the endless sales can pretty much make it really difficult to decide where to spend your hard earned coins. We spent hours putting together the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide to make your holiday splurge easier. So grab your laptop or mobile device, curl up in front of the fireplace or under your favorite blankie, and start scoring deals. The best part, you won’t have to deal with the in-store holiday madness, and you can find the perfect holiday gift ideas at every price point, for the women on your list.

Do note that, while all items were independently chosen by the editors of the #NLLMag team, we may earn a commission on purchases through these links. All prices quoted were checked before publication, but prices change often and might not match what is found online. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge!

The Entrepreneur Life

  1. IPHONE Charging bracelet, $149, markandgraham.com

  2. TD JAKES: Soar!: Build Your Vision from the Ground Up, $12.74 - $24, amazon.com

  3. FABULOUSLY FEARLESS: The Purposeful Living Planner, $34.99, fabulouslyfearless.co

  4. NWC: Your bomb bio!, $175, nicolewilliamspr.com


Nine West on  amazon.com

Nine West on amazon.com

The Glam life

  1. MICHAEL KORS: Michael Kors Womens MK6556 - Bradshaw, $206.25, amazon.com

  2. YUMI KIM: Yumi Kim Velour Allure Dress, $238, shopbob.com

  3. NINE WEST: Nine West Women's Tyrell Fabric Pump, $88.95 - $89, amazon.com

  4. DYSON SUPERSONIC: Hair Dryer With Platinum Metallic Black Travel Case, $538, amazon.com


The Mom Life

  1. FRIEDA JOE: Tropical Milky Coconut bath and body spa gift set, $26.99, amazon.com

  2. EMINENCE ORGANICS Skin Care Clear Skin Starter Set, $58, dermastore.com

  3. KATIE WELLS: The Wellness Mama Cookbook: 200 Easy-to-Prepare Recipes and Time-Saving Advice for the Busy Cook, $20.99, amazon.com

  4. SITTERCITY: Childcare simplified, from $14 to $17/hr, sittercity.com


more wine please, #giftguide

The Woke Life

  1. GABRIELLE UNION: We're Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated and True, $14.49, amazon.com

  2. FABULOUSLY FEARLESS: The “No Limits” tee, $27.50, fabulouslyfearless.co

  3. STAMPED LOVE: Nevertheless she persisted, $13.95, amazon.com

  4. MAYA ANGELOU: I am a feminist - I've been a female for a long time, $14.95, amazon.com


The Hostess Life

  1. INSTYLE Parties: The Complete Guide to Easy, Elegant Entertaining All Year Round, $19.49, amazon.com

  2. PANTRY BOY: Smart groceries and recipes at the doorsteps> Choose from omnivore, carnivore or vegetarian, $62.35, pantryboy.com

  3. VEUVE CLIQUOT: Champagne Yellow Label with Arrow Gift Box, 750 ml, $58.79, amazon.com

  4. WAYFAIR: Paul 3-Bottle Wine Rack, $25.99, JossandMain.com


The Fit Life

  1. ADIDAS Unisex Originals Sl Bucket Pack, $45, amazon.com

  2. FLIGHT 001 Fitness Kit, $50, shopbob.com

  3. LIFEBEAM: Vi Artificial Intelligence Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate & Coaching Headphones by Harman Kardon, $249.99, amazon.com

  4. MARCY Club Revolution Stationary Cycle Trainer, $269.99, amazon.com

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