[Video] Survive & Thrive, Helping Entrepreneurs to Re-imagine Their Brands

Survive & Thrive Entrepreneur Bootcamp

As a business owner, I’ve got to be honest with you! Entrepreneurism isn’t for the lazy, nor is it for the faint of heart. Building your dreams is never easy. However, the thriving business, the multiple zeros in your bank account, and the extraordinary life is not out of your grasp. The problem is, we are either too afraid to go hard, or afraid of success. You see there is a thing called ‘impostor syndrome’--when one convinces themselves that they are not good enough, when truth is they are. This is why Marva Allen of Wordeee, Sachin Narode of Xeniapp, Kean Wong of STAR Producer Academy, and David Schreiber of Club Getaway teamed up to spearhead a bootcamp called, Survive and Thrive.

Survive & Thrive Bootcamp was conceived as an exclusive bootcamp to help entrepreneurs shift their mindset and take action, in order to move the needle to take their companies and brands from surviving, to thriving. The Survive and Thrive weekend, which took place at Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut, was like being a member of a private inner-circle. The weekend was designed specifically to encourage intimacy among entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley investors, partners and industry influencers including Shark Tank’s original shark, Kevin Harrington; founder of Marquis Jets, owner of the Atlanta Hawks and 100 Mile Incubator, Jesse Itzler; and Motivating the Masses’ founder Susie Carder.

Survive & Thrive Club Getaway

In Harvey Mackay’s words, “all work and no play will never make you a Key Person of Influence. So, for the weekend everyone swapped office attire for athletic wear and the boardrooms for cabins for some well needed fun, networking and learning to take our business to the next level. Spending a weekend in a no-judgement zone, around highly successful people who understand your struggles, and can offer one-on-one insights, mastermind and support--priceless! Jessie Itzler reinforced for me that "success is a choice." He reminded us that "the limitations we put on ourselves are just that, self-imposed,” and that “if you want something, it has to be embedded into your DNA. Driving home the idea, that your “successes in life will come from learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable."

Kevin Harrington shared a few Shark Tank stories,  some of his hits, and also included some of his misses. He reminded us to always build the “YOU” brand, setting the intentions and ordering the results. After his awesome “Quantum Entrepreneurship” talk, I got a chance to ask some follow-up questions. Watch the video below as I share my personal thoughts about the weekend, followed by Kevin sharing how to Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.

There are many of you out there waiting to discover what you are meant to be doing. But as Jessie heeded, “start small, think big and scale fast.” As a passion-driven entrepreneur, I can tell you that when you allow your passion to become your purpose, it eventually becomes your profession. So, if you plan on ever being successful at anything, you need to develop an absolute sense of certainty. Otherwise, as my girl MC Lyte says, "you'll spend your life either fighting for what you want, or fighting off what you don't want. The choice is yours"