Podcast: Why Embrace Digital Transformation with Marva Allen

Marva Allen CEO of Wordeee and Co-founder of Survive & Thrive, at the Survive & Thrive press party.

Marva Allen CEO of Wordeee and Co-founder of Survive & Thrive, at the Survive & Thrive press party.

According to The World Economic Forum, those who harness the power of technologies, data analytics and the intersection of mobile, the cloud, and social media (digital transformation) are seeing 8% more growth each year. I caught up with Marva over the phone and talked about how tech and new media shaped her career journey, as well as how technology is quickly changing the way we work, live and play. We also covered how digital is disrupting industries across the board, while also providing opportunities for new ventures and new business models.

Marva Allen is a tech entrepreneur who started long before there was any kind of buzz about digital transformation. She was the president and a co-owner of USI, a multi-million dollar tech firm before it was sold in 2002; best known for guiding the iconic Hue-Man Bookstore  to global success; powering authors to greater success through Wordeee; and last but not least the driving force behind Survive & Thrive a bootcamp for mission-driven entrepreneurs.


What you will learn

  • Adapting to change and re-thinking business models.

  • Using tech to help authors chart their own success.

  • How parenting can be a change agent for the better.

  • System and processes being key to business success.

  • 5 reasons to embrace digital transformation.

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