5 Sure Ways To Get Better Quality Sleep


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As a mom boss juggling a lot of responsibilities, I know getting the proper amount of sleep can be a challenge. On an average, I’d say I get about four to five hours sleep per night. Cue up the double latte… Because there are the days, when getting some shut eye can feel like a luxury, working both ends of the clock--staying up late [or not sleeping at all] to meet deadlines, waking early to get the little one prepped and off to school, and keeping up with industry trends and maintaining a social life. The hustle lifestyle has many wearing the “no sleep” thing like it’s a badge of honor, but that kind of thinking is an invitation for sleep deprivation and fatigue. Prioritizing sleep is good self-love. Good sleep habits improves focus, creativity, and make you better able to achieve your dreams and fulfill other obligations. Most importantly, getting a full night’s rest is essential to leading a healthy and productive life.

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Here are five tips you can use in the midst of your never ending to-do-list to catch some quality zzz’s.

1. Develop and stick to a consistent sleep schedule: It might seem difficult, but you just have to make the decision do it. Train yourself to hit the hay and wake up at the same the time every day using sleep apps like To Bed, keeping nights dark and mornings bright.

2. Invest in a great mattress: A good mattress can make a significant difference in your quality of sleep--something I recently found out, thanks to NECTAR Sleep. Rule of thumb, if you’re looking for a high quality-mattress, one that will perform and last, prepare to spend about $800 (Queen).

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3. Take a cold shower before bed: A cold soothing shower, in time to climb under the covers feeling clean and refreshed, can help your body trigger sleep signals and result in a more relaxing sleep. Experts say finding the ideal room temperature also produces similar results and create a relaxing environment.

4. Power down the gadgets: We know that tearing yourself away from your screens may be difficult, but would make a really big difference in helping you to relax. Instead place a book on your nightstand, and once your lids starts to get heavy it’s time to go nitey-nite.

5. Cut down on the caffeine: Caffeine can stay in your blood for hours, which means it can impact your ability to fall asleep as it blocks sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain. There is no nutritional need for caffeine in the diet, so you might want to cut or reduce the coffee intake, especially four to six hours before bed.

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