Because Getting Married Shouldn’t Be Stressful Or Feel Like A Headache

Your extra pair of hands to ensure everything on your wedding day--from picking up the dress to tossing the bouquet--goes smoothly.

Photo by  Andre Hunter  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Weddings as beautiful as they are, can be pretty stressful. And, friends and family don’t always know how to handle stressful wedding situations; in fact, they can even make things worse. Everything can quickly become a nightmare and make you want to cancel the whole darn thing and just elope. As a wedding planner and day-of-coordinator, my job is to ensure my clients don't feel this way.

Working as a wedding day-of coordinator, I've seen it all. You probably wouldn’t believe what can go wrong! From having to find last-minute replacement vendors, serving as counsel to my share of mother-of-the-brides, and advising grooms and groomsmen on laying off the booze until after they have walked down the aisle. I've even had to get a wedding day back on track after the bride showed up two hours late because of her makeup artist. I’ve pretty much had a solution for every hiccup and band-aid for the last-minute scratches, but that’s why they call me the DOC (day-of coordinator).

I couldn't help making a screenshot of this image in the Aug/Sep issue of Brides Magazine.

I couldn't help making a screenshot of this image in the Aug/Sep issue of Brides Magazine.

I've been doing this wedding and event planning thing for well over 12 years, so I know hiring a wedding and event planner isn’t for everyone, that's why I also offer day-of-coordinating services! It’s less expensive than hiring me to plan the whole she-bang. Definitely less expensive than the neurologist you’ll need if you try to do the wedding day all by yourself [or leave it in the hands of a well-intended friend thing yourself] not knowing what they are in for.

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