Getting Back on the Fitness Wagon

Getting back on the fitness wagon. #lifestylesolutions #wellness

When I was younger I had a lightning-fast metabolism, so I ate whatever I wanted. But now age, two kids, a business, poor eating and unhealthy lifestyle habits have brought my metabolism to a screeching halt. As my clothes not fitting proved, I can no longer eat and drink whatever I want without the consequences. I slacked on working out, and ate foods that I shouldn’t have, so I gained extra weight and lost my conditioning. And though I’m the least bit interested in how much I weigh, I’ve got to get rid of the extra weight, as most of it has settled into my mid-section. But, thanks to the bae always prompting me, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that, I can’t expect my body to look like an athlete if I don’t feed it right. One thing I realized for sure, is that your relationships are important to making sustainable lifestyle changes. Basically, make sure your relationships support your weight loss goals.

I can either try to out train my bad diet, or be all-in, and strengthen my body and mind. So I’ve decided it’s time to take control, regain my health and fine tune my diet to meet the results I would like to achieve. I’ve been getting smarter with what I eat - more vegetables, leaner fats, and plenty of water. Getting back on the fitness wagon hasn’t been easy, it takes nutrition, sweat and determination, but the confidence it produces is well worth the work.

Here are a few of my favorite pals helping me to get back on the fitness wagon.

A few of my fave #fitness pals. #wellness #healthlifestyle

Contigo Snapseal Travel Mug: Weather it’s my smoothie or water this travel mug with leak proof lid is my sidekick for on-the-go activities. Drinks stay hot up to 7 hours and cold up to 18 with THERMALOCK Vacuum Insulation. Plus it fits most car cup holders.

New Balance 574 Breathe: The bae just got me these babies. They’re lightweight and they fit like a glove. The perforated mesh upper creates cool breathability, and the tried-and-true style of the classic 574 silhouette helps your look stay on point.

Dried fruits and raw nuts: My days are pretty demanding, so it’s hard to have three full meals throughout the day. So, I try to keep some healthy snacks in my bag and have a full meal in the evening. To save you can simply make your own: dried cranberries, almonds, and cashews.

CAP Barbell Neoprene Coated Dumbbells: Since I’m working out from home, my pair of 10lb cap barbells are my go to for toning and sculpting my arms, shoulders and back. These cast iron dumbbells are neoprene-coated for durability and to help protect you, the floor and other fitness equipment.