The Evolution of a Brand in a Connectivity Culture

How NLL is evolving in a connectivity culture

If you visited our about page lately, you might have noticed that we're doing some retargeting. Over the years, the Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge headquarters -- Nicole Williams Collective, has expanded tremendously: growing our audience, building out our social media platforms, and testing new and creative ways to tell stories in a connectivity culture.

Together with a new creative partner, we're undergoing a digital transformation and adding new ways for you to get your fix. First, starting with the Fabulously Fearless™ series and project inspiring women and girls to dream big, know their worth and their own personal value. We use motivational swag to reinforce our message and advocate for issues and topics that impact women. We've also launched the Open Conversations podcast, and we're already off to a great start with several episodes. The podcast offers real-tips for career women and mom bosses on everything from parenting to career and being the architect of their own lives.

Music credit: Rodney Carter Music

Last but not least, we'll be launching a video component which will be a new format for us. We hope to create micro-moments that are relevant, relatable and authentic. In other words, we want to be there for you in your want-to-know moments, in your want-to-go moments, in your want-to-do moments, and in your want-to-buy moments!