Podcast: Mom Guilt is Real

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Women aren't paying attention to the old adage, instead, we're busy pioneering new ways to excel in our careers and at homes. According to a Pew Research Center, "in 40 percent of U.S. households with kids, women are now the primary bread winner." Women no longer want to just stare at the glass ceilings, we want to smash the glass ceilings. However, no one feel guilt like mothers. As moms we struggle with the guilt that we feel as a working mom.  But mom guilt isn't exclusive to women in the corporate world, if you're a mom boss this is something you too have had to deal with. Pretty much if you're a woman who is devoted to both your family and your career, chances are you've had to make the tough call of having to miss out. And, if you think that bad, a mom can do everything right and still feel mom guilt. Listen as we talk mom guilt and how to manage it, and be sure to subscribe.


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