Lack of Diversity Drives Women-Owned Media Startups

If there's one thing I know, it is that #GirlPower is alive and well. After all, women play a vital role in our domestic and global economy.

Lack of Diversity drives Women-Owned Media Startups.png

The opportunity divide in today’s media industry has been leading to a decline of our civic fabric. Lack of gender-diversity has left the communications landscape even more bereft of female media leaders. And, the result is not just bad for women's chances for advancement but for society as a whole. But not if women own it! Today it seems media is playing an integral role in providing a blueprint and inspiring women entrepreneurs. 

As the CEO of Nicole Williams Collective a multi-cultural Event and Strategic Communications agency, I worry about the messages that are being sent to our girls. Yes, it is obvious that media cultures has historically been run by men. But what I can’t quite understand, is why female CEOs aren't being appointed to run female-focused media companies. The lack of female media CEOs perpetuates the problem of gender inequality, and these historical norms needs to be broken. For this reason, I can only see an increase in the growing trend of women leaving their high-profile positions and launching their own media ventures. Not only is this radical act giving women the advantage of opportunities otherwise not given to them. But by breaking off to form their own media companies, women are overcoming the struggle of systematic impediments for women achieving positions of power in media.

A new culture is being formed, women are changing the face of tech through the opportunity to build new ideas and business ventures. A new culture that is focused on turning the traditional model on its head. When I launched my blog I had no idea it would become the cornerstone of a startup that has been transformed into a communications agency for sharing my experiences through a mix of storytelling, practical and actionable tips. Women have substantial experience and perspective which we are using to our advantage in the media marketplace, and to create valuable informative content that isn’t just click bait.

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