Game Plan: Super Bowl Commercials Get Politically Charged

Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

It's #SuperBowlSunday 51!

Super Bowl Ads are the most watched and talked about every year. So, as the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady prepares to win his fifth Super Bowl, the Falcons will attempt to slow him down and steal a victory. And, football fans everywhere get ready to crowd around screens, big and small, for their viewing pleasure. This year's Super Bowl Advertisers paid big bucks to make their brand's voice heard. A plethora of brands are making a political statement, hitting some of the biggest politically charged topics: immigration, equal pay for women, border control, and climate change.

With over 50 spots confirmed, here are a few early releases ahead of the game, that are snagging social media attention and sparking the political discussion.



A staple when it comes Super Bowl advertising making a controversial statement with their 60-second commercial featuring the brand's co-founder and his immigration story.



The German luxury carmaker has decided to get serious about the issue of gender equality, creating an empowering new ad that challenges the gender-pay gap. "What should I tell my daughter? That she will automatically be valued less than every man she'll ever meet?", begins the 60-second commercial.


84 Lumber

This Pennsylvania-based construction company is leading the discussion in their 90-second ad. In their first Super Bowl appearance, 84 Lumber tells the story of an immigrant tale that shows a long, difficult journey of a Mexican mother and daughter as they appear to be making their way to the US-Mexico border. To cut down on the controversy, 84 Lumber directed viewers to the campaign's website, to see how the ad ends.