Brand Neutrality: Business and Politics, Yay or Nay?

I was going to share some of the dope beauty, fashion and lifestyle products on my desk, that I've received from some new and existing brands that I'm currently obsessing over. But then this question was posed in a business mastermind group I subscribe to…

Politics and Business, yay or nay?

Here is my response… Yay.

If your brand is an authentic reflection of your values, then there is no such thing as neutrality. It is more a question of morality and ethics. We can share our political opinions while still being respectful of each other's party affiliation, religion, beliefs and differences.

Passion is pointless, if nothing's burning.

There is a little thing that automatically comes with running a business, building trust, reach, and influence called “social responsibility”. Social Responsibility is an ethical framework suggesting that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. Over the past year, we've covered more political topics, because while our audience is diverse these issues affect all of our lives. However, it is important that this space remains inclusive for all women.

The world is diverse, but it should be inclusive and safe. And, so regardless of which side you stand on, we all have some kind of ethical guideline which governs our lives. Some duty to personal conscience and integrity. We often criticize media practitioners for choosing careerism over the ultimate good of society and for ignoring ethical considerations. So, why then should we sit on the side lines and not use our voice? I've always heard to not mix politics, business and religion. But how can I leave my God out of my business, and how can I ignore politics when it affects the lifeblood of my business - people?

So, do we sit silently or use our voices against issues that threaten our community?