4 Ways To Elevate Your Brand and Create Your Dream Job

Creating your dream job is simple but not easy. There is no such thing as overnight success. The people you see slaying and looking #fabulouslyfearless, moonlighted between a 9-to-5 and their side hustle, pulled all-nighters, and burned the midnight oil in pursuit of their dreams. Creating a life and career you love requires hard work, patience, work ethic, and some business savvy and people skills. Whether your dream job is working for a company, or taking your side hustle full-time, there are some must-do things to help you be more visible and remarkable.

So, if you’ve been wondering what are some ways to elevate your brand, follow these tips from a mom boss who is making it work.

Create a personal website

Most of you will probably think, why do I need a website? Well, that's because when you have a clear and strong digital presence opportunities will come your way. Personal websites prove beneficial, and serve as a way for you to control your own reputation. My website and blog are my resumes and my running portfolio that helps me to garner new opportunities. Whether you’re  in the job market or growing your side hustle setting yourself apart is imperative. Ready to create a website or online portfolio?


Seek out mentorship

One of the best and easiest route to success is to learn from those who have gone before you. Why wouldn’t you want a guide to help facilitate and foster you growth. Mentors are your sounding boards to help you navigate your success journey. Don’t try to learn everything from one person, It's OK to have several mentors. I currently have 3 accomplished people in varying fields that I learn from. Mentorship is an undeniably resource, so get great minds around you to gain from. Need some “drive by magic” help bringing your vision board to reality?


Refine your knowledge

Besides taking courses and working with my mentors, I supercharge myself personally and professionally by reading. Reading is a great way to learn new things and refresh your knowledge. The book I'm currently reading is Power Your Happy by Lisa Sugar. Next up Mom Boss by Nicole Feliciano, Pressure Makes Diamond by Valerie Graves, and Successful Women Speaks Differently by Valorie Burton.


Network and meet new people

People are the lifeblood of any business and career. Most of you tend to get really nervous when you hear the term “network”. But it is the only way to actively expand your net worth. Putting yourself out there can be intimidating, but a really great way to be visible and remarkable. My daughter tells me I talk to everyone. And, yes I do! But that’s because I’m a savvy business woman who understands the art of promoting yourself.

These are my simple tips for how to elevate your brand, what are your secrets? Reach out and let me know with #fabulouslyfearless!