Vera Moore Spa Trio My August Obsession


Hey! Hope you guys are having an amazing week. The past couple of weeks have been really hectic executing weddings and sweet 16s for my clients. And as much work as it's been, the results have been awesome! I'm getting ready to start school in two weeks - all while juggling a toddler and a teenager, running a business, plus a part time job. How am I going to do it? Only God knows! But like they say... "the only way to manage time is to stay ahead of it." Photographed by Nicole Williams

to help look and feel my best this August, I've been luxuriating in Vera Moore's new Spa Trio. #skincare #beauty @veramoore

to help look and feel my best this August, I've been luxuriating in Vera Moore's new Spa Trio. #skincare #beauty @veramoore

I'm truly motivated to reach my goals - the business I want, the lifestyle I want, and my passion to empower others. And so, I'm ready to take action today because I'm determined to get what I truly desire. I've learned that in life the timing may never be right, the stars may never be in alignment and I won't have more money in my bank account next month unless I work the dream.

And since I've been working so hard without any vacation in sight, I've been indulging quite a bit lately. As a lifestyle writer, I sleep, eat and breathe lifestyle products. I'm never without some new beauty, fashion, or lifestyle-related products to try and preview. But the products that really appeal to me are usually the ones that easily fit into my lifestyle and have long-lasting appeal. I've had the chance to preview and luxuriate in the new Vera Moore Spa Trio, which has been helping me to look and feel my best this August.

Vera Moore Spa Trio My latestObsession. #skincare #beauty #veramoorecosmetics

The Vera Moore Spa Trio repairs, nourishes and protects every skin type, and is nicely packaged into a chic little bag:

  • Nourishing Marine Shea Butter Body Gel: Whether you're looking to take a luxurious bubble bath or a breathtaking shower, this Shea Butter body gel is a moorefabulous choice. Formulated with botanicals including aloe, vitamin E and dead sea salt this body gel leaves your skin feeling oh so awesome!
  • Purifying & Renewing Marine Shea Butter Body Polish: This baby will have your skin all smooth and looking snatched. Use with a loofah, wash cloth  or shower brush for best results. Simply let your skin enjoy the infusion of Papaya enzymes and dead sea salt.
  • Firming Marine Shea Body Butter: When it comes to green tea, I drink a lot of it. But this Shea body butter just gave me another way to get more of it. Maintain soft, smooth and hydrated skin with this vitamin E and Japanese green tea infused body butter.

While living is the rarest thing in the world, I refuse to just exist! And so I’m excited for what the next few weeks will bring.