Toddler Style: Too Cool for School


You may have noticed that my mini-clone has been making regular appearances. So, I would like to introduce the new addition to the "Mommyologie" category! A category where we try to help moms raise happy/healthy kids and have a lot of fun along the way. You will get a glimpse into the life of my fashionable three-year-old girl who goes by the name of Serena Williams. Toddler Style: My mini-me definitively loves the camera. #kidstyle

My mini-me definitively loves the camera. In fact, when she was younger she would take breaks in-between crying just to pose for a pic. Just look at her.  She's an adorable little fashionista who's ready to kill the game. If you're a regular on Instagram, you'll quickly see what I'm talking about.  Serena is an aspiring kid model, who’s totally in love with dresses. And, just like any other little girl, she enjoys doing things that kids do. She'll be making cameo appearance here on the blog to give you some kid-approved inspirations.

Toddler style: I try to keep her stylish yet comfortable. #kidstyle

Summer is here, but unlike most kids, my little one does not get a break until mid-August. However, instead of uniforms they now have the option of wearing casual clothing. I try to keep her stylish yet comfortable.  With that theme in mind, today she’s wearing a t-shirt and pants combination from JCPenny; a mult-color sunnies, necklace and bracelet from Children's Place; and the matching New Balance sneakers her big sister bought for both of them.

toddler style; ...she gets final say on which she'll wear, and accessorizing her looks. #kidstyle

I've now gotten into the habit of picking out two sets of clothing, then giving her final say on which she'll wear, and accessorizing her looks.

What do you think? Yay or Nay?