Feel My "Pulse", Singer Songwriters Pay Tribute to Orlando Victims


There have been many amazing tributes that emerged in support of the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando. And one of my favorite is from singer-songwriters Eli Lieb and Brandon Skeie who beautifully penned and payed tribute with an emotional duet. “Pulse“, was released June 14 on YouTube, and the words are guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings.

I shouldn’t have to leave where I stand

I shouldn’t have to change who I am

To count as a human

Feel my pulse

With your hand on my heart

You know it beats just as hard as yours

Feel my pulse

Feel my pulse

Can’t you see that I’m scarred

I’m just the same as you are so just

Feel my pulse

I dare you to listen without shedding a tear!

It is times like this, that proves America can rise above the partisan rhetoric and stand together against adversity.