How My Blogging Journey Guided My Career Path


When I was younger I thought my career path would be as follows: Attend college, graduate with a degree in fashion design, and design my way up the ladder. But I guess it's safe to say life doesn't always work out that way. But I’m proof that you can forge your own career path, even when life throws you curve balls. Whether that be working for a company, being your own boss, or both. Today I’m sharing my blogging journey and how it has guided (and still is guiding) my career path. I’m a style obsessed, smoothie loving communications and event catalyst who is passionate, innovative and always eager to learn new skills to expand my horizons. Born and raised in Jamaica then migrated to the U.S., and to be honest, entrepreneurship came out of circumstances in my life and I needed an income. I earned an Associates in Fashion Marketing (paying out of pocket), worked as a freelance makeup artist and wardrobe stylist, managed a fashion boutique, a health food business and a financial practice, before co-founding an event planning company.


How I Laddered-Up

In 2012, I was pregnant with my mini-me (my second daughter) and placed on strict bed-rest in the hospital. With nothing else to do I worked on the blog I started in January of that year. By the time my daughter was born, Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge had evolved and it became a really lucrative hustle. And while I’m NO six-figure blogger, writing and connecting with others online gave me something even better - a personal brand! I learned to think outside the box, take my best asset and make myself visible, believable and remarkable to expand my impact and profitability.

My blog became a running part of my portfolio and a vehicle for generating clients, I built an effective online presence, and gained brand exposure by engaging my desired target audience. I learned how to pitch and garnered experience working with brands. Experience that I use everyday to help my clients position their best asset to help them standout and get noticed so they can expand their impact and profitability.

How blogging guided my career path. #bloggingtips #careertips

Blogging has given me a variety of opportunities, the most noteworthy listed HERE, as well as the confidence that ultimately started my own boutique brand communications agency, a productivity planner, and two ebooks for those always asking questions about the basics of personally branding themselves. And as I write this I’m working on the logistics for the Fabulously Fearless Project empowerment workshops. I also have a goal to start teaching PR, marketing and branding as an Adjunct Professor, so I enrolled to complete a bachelor's in communications starting this fall.

My message to you...

Sometimes things happens in our lives to put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. The problem is, most people miss great opportunities, because they only see the glamour but not the grind. Don't get caught up chasing a large following because you think it's the only way you make real income blogging.

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