How to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work


Employees in today’s workforce are increasingly feeling uncertain, due to the many factors causing employers to cut cost and overhead by laying off employees. However, being the last man standing often comes down to being considered indispensable.  Being indispensable means, finding ways to be essential to the productivity of your department, organization and or your boss. You want it to be perceived that productivity would be made difficult without you. And there are only two ways to do that - you either make life easier and or make money for your employer. Making yourself indispensable starts with you - your personal brand. It requires that you commit to making a difference to your team, your company, and the community at large.

Being the last man standing often comes down to being considered indispensable.

Here are a few tips that will help you control your personal brand, to craft an executive presence that is sure to magnify your strengths.

Be Dedicated to Quality and High Standards: Bring your best to everything you do, while consistently raising the bar.

Add Value: Always be of value to others - be the go to person that everyone relies on for information and solutions. Make management look good and they will be more likely to hold on to you.

Boost Your Skills and Become the Expert: Always remain in the student mode by consistently improving yourself through continuing education and training. Learn complementary skills that will help yield non-linear development. Become more effective by applying new skills, styles and approaches to the job at hand.

Be Flexible and Adaptable: Not all change is bad. So learn to embrace change and help others see these changes as opportunities.

Build Rapport and Relationships: Build good rapport not just with your co-workers but also with clients and the community at-large. If your colleagues, managers and clients love you, the boss will hear about it.

Work Hard and Go the Extra Mile: Expand your role by going beyond the scope of your work. Without sacrificing the quality of your work, make a point of helping others or volunteering for additional tasks; be eager to step up and take on more than your share.

Tout Transferable Skills: Identify and demonstrate your transferable skills which are important to employers. Transferable skills are essential to career success and advancement, and also what makes you unique.

Follow Through on Your Word: Be accountable and do what you say you will do. And most of all, don't make commitments you can’t keep.

Whether it is with a client, a friend or your boss. How do you make yourself indispensable?