Home-based Businesses You Can Start Today

Home-based Businesses You Can Start Today


Starting a home-based business has gotten so much easier - no need for major financing or degrees! Home-based businesses are a great way to dabble in entrepreneurship and create some extra income. However, coming up with a good home-based idea is not necessarily an easy task for most. If you’re entertaining the idea of starting a side hustle, here’s a list of business ideas you can start today or while you're at the 9-to-5. These ideas are pretty simple to start, and can be sole proprietorship but eventually you’ll want to legalize your side hustle. I challenge you to find an idea that best suit you like below, and get started today!

here’s a list of business ideas you can start while still at your 9-to-5. #homebasedbusiness #sidehustleideas #finance

CLEANING SERVICE: This is a service that many are in need of - from private home to offices. Once you've gotten started, most of your customers will come by word of mouth marketing. All you need are some cleaning supplies, a cleaning rag and a mop.

CONSULTANT: I am sure you’re an expert at something. What is that one thing that everyone comes to you to help them with all the time? Marketing, fashion, or blogging? Use your experience and knowledge to help others to get similar or better results.

WRITING: Are you one of those people who enjoy writing? I’m sure you already own a computer, so get a domain name and setup your website. Here are a few services you can provide from the quiet of your own home: niche blogging, copy editing, proofreading, ghost writing, copy-writing, and or resume writing.

T-SHIRT & ACCESSORIES BIZ: You can start your own t-shirt and accessories business for no cost. There are fulfillment companies that allows you the ability to design your own t-shirts and sell online without worrying about stocks. They even make the design process as easy as A, B,C.

EVENT PLANNING: Are you great with logistics and love planning weddings, conferences, networking events? Then why not become an event planner or organizer? All you need is a computer, phone and a network.

PERSONAL CONCIERGE: All you super organized and efficient people, this one’s for you! There are a lot of people who live for the experience of personal touch. Your most likely clients will be busy executives who have very little time to get things done!

WORK AT HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: Work at home business opportunities (home franchise, multi-level marketing, direct sales, and business in-a-box) are becoming more popular with those seeking to be their own boss. These work at home business opportunities are networks of entrepreneurs backed by proven business models. Some of the better-known ones includes Avon, Mary Kay, Amway (my choice), and Beachbody.

NANNY OR BABYSITTING: Are you great with children? Offer your services to families who need someone to watch their kids. There are also a huge number of moms who work from home but is not able to get work done because they're too busy fixing Barbie's dress and cleaning up messes. So why not tap into that target market?

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: Work from the comfort of your home as a VA handling small tasks for a individuals or business owner. Tasks can vary and may include email management, data entry, scheduling, managing blogs, and even personal shopping. Pretty much anyone can become a virtual assistant and all you need is a computer and a phone.

CALL CENTER REPRESENTATIVE: Have you ever called a company, then realized the customer representative is in another country? Most companies are hiring independent contractors who work from home to handle customer service issues. If you have reliable internet connection, a computer and a pair of headphones you have all you need.

PERSONAL STYLIST: If style and fashion is your thing, and you know what looks best on the different body types - then become a personal stylist. Turn your passion for fashion into a profitable business and start helping others look and feel their best.

Didn’t’ find something or not sure where to start? Schedule a session with me HERE, and I'll help you identify and make your passion produce profits.

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