7 Ways to Spring Clean and Detox Your Life


Spring is typically the time of year when the masses tend to detox and spring clean. And as the grumpy cold retrieves, we eagerly welcome the blooming flowers, and warmer, sunnier days. I’m certainly looking forward to warm weather, meeting new people, exploring new places,  and certainly trying new foods. Everyone is starting to think about spring cleaning, but besides just cleaning your home, here are a few other ways to spring clean your life to bring fresh perspective and new insights.

Here are a few other ways to spring clean your life to bring fresh perspective and new insights.

Detox Your WORKOUT MINDSET: Spring signals that bikini season is just around the corner, and I’m sure many of you are looking to get into shape and slim down for the sexist fits. Just remember that healthy is not a size, it is a lifestyle... so get moving but you’ll also want to clean up your diet.

Detox Your WARDROBE: Free up some space in your closet by purging anything you have not worn in a long time, or items you’ve outgrown. Donate to someone in need, or sell pieces and put the cash in your savings or towards something new.

Detox Your FINANCES: Tax filing deadline falls on April 15th, so it is hard not to equate financial fitness with Spring. Now is a good time to layout a strategy to help move you closer to your financial goals. Review your expenses, set a few financial goals and put a realistic budget in place that will help get you closer to them.

Detox Your BEAUTY BAG: Warmer weather signals that it’s time to retire your heavy foundations and welcome lighter ones (Maybelline Dream Pure BB or NARS' All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation). When it comes to your eye shadows (Bobbi Brown's Shadow Stick Duo) and blush (Smashbox L.A. Lights in Silver Lake Sunset), make the shift from powder to cream for a bit of color plus long lasting wear. Give your hairbrush new life by removing excess hair before soaking in a basin with warm water and antibacterial soap,  then allow to air dry on a towel.

Detox Your INBOX: Purge some of those newsletters piling up, unread, in your inbox. You do not have to unsubscribe, just update your contact info using your Evernote email. This will dramatically free up space and lighten your inbox making it easier to get to your important emails.

Detox Your PASSION: This is one area that we do not usually think to detox for spring. Stop for a minute and think about the one thing that you would like to accomplish this year. Get yourself a journal and jot it down, then list everything that will help move you closer to that goal. Start working towards that one goal, scheduling time for it, and as well as making daily journal entries to help keep you on track.

Detox Your FRIENDSHIPS: Here is another area most of us don’t detox too often. Take some time to go through and access your social profiles, phone and personal friendships. Reconnect with dear friends and purge the ones who drain your energy. Like Oprah said, “don’t settle for a relationship that won’t let you be yourself.”

What is the most important way you will detox and spring clean your life this season?