Wedding Invitation Suite Insert Checklist


Your wedding invitation serves as the first form of communication between you and your guests. And with the many evolving modern twists being paired with traditional etiquette, wedding invitations are taking on many variations.  And even though certain info should be common sense, be sure to include key details like time, date, and ceremony location. What is included with your wedding invitation suite, will strongly depend on the type of wedding you're planning to have. Proper etiquette says, all your inclusion should be printed in the same style as your invitation suite - theme, color and or motif. Have an upcoming wedding or event? Check out Nicole Williams Weddings & Events.

Below is everything you need to know about the various stationary you might need to order with your wedding invitation. But before you go buying all the suggested cards, take a moment to break down what your wedding day will be like. Determine your wedding style, time, locations, and don’t forget the budget. Now check out the various stationary options below and determine which ones you really need.


Things you might want to include in your wedding invitation

Things you might want to include in your wedding invitation suite. #weddingtips

RSVP/Reply Card

You definitely don’t want to neglect to include a way for your guest to easily let you know if they will or will not be attending. Whether it be to mail back the reply card, or submit their response via phone, your wedding website or an email.

Reception Card

Some couples have their ceremony and their reception at different venues, so be sure to include a reception card so your guest will know. This is because the wedding invitation usually only include the ceremony site. If they both are at the same venue, you simple include below the ceremony info - “Reception to follow”.

Direction Card and Map

Some weddings have a lot of out-of-town guests who may not be familiar with your local area. In a case like this, it is essential to include a direction card and map for your guests.

Accommodation Card

Many couples have a large amount of out of town guests. And when this happens you might want to make arrangements with a nearby hotel for special rates. If this is the case, then you need to include an accommodation card with the hotel and transportation info (name, contact, direction, room rates, URL to hotel form).

Wedding website Card

You wedding website can be an important communication tool for your guests. So if you didn’t already include it with your save-the-date here’s your chance. Include the URL to your wedding website to all the related wedding events, and be sure to include the gift registry info for you guest.